It appears that Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee could be the first Nintendo Switch Pokemon games. According to a report from Nintendo-focussed gaming site, Nintendo Everything (via ResetEera) it’s been discovered that domains for these two possible titles – and were registered by CSC Corporate Domains. The same company is listed as the registrar of as well. Considering the abundance of rumours around a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, this could very well point to it. Hopefully Nintendo makes an announcement soon enough.

Previously, noted insider Emily Rogers stated that we could see an announcement for a new Nintendo Switch Pokemon game this month. It could forsake the traditional trappings of previous games on the Nintendo 3DS for a format not too dissimilar to Pokemon Go. However, like traditional Pokemon titles, expect two versions. The reason for Pokemon on Nintendo Switch to take cues from Pokemon Go has to with the tremendous success seen by the latter. So much so that long-time developer Game Freak has taken notice and is looking at ways to improve on it.


“In July 2016, Pokemon Go launched, and became a massive phenomenon, having been downloaded more than 500 million times worldwide by the end of that year. Then, by 2017, overall download numbers increased to over 750 million a year. This all leads to a much bigger question: What lessons should Game Freak and Nintendo learn from Pokemon Go’s success? How could Switch benefit from Pokémon Go’s success, and how could Pokemon Go benefit from Switch’s success?” a post on Roger’s blog reads.

She goes on to hint that we could see Pokemon Go accessories for the Nintendo Switch as well.

“After all, it was Nintendo who released Pokemon Go Plus, a bluetooth wearable device, developed by Nintendo’s Platform Technology Division, that allows players to enjoy the game without looking at their smartphone. Would Nintendo ever dare to create more Pokemon Go accessories like that — possibly even for the Switch?” her post continues.

This does make sense when you consider that the outgoing Nintendo CEO did suggest that the company is looking at ways to extend the Nintendo Switch’s lifespan with accessories. Rogers teases that the “naming/branding for this year’s Pokemon Switch title (there’s two versions) might raise a few eyebrows.”

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