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The F1 2018 video game will be released in August this year

British video game developer Codemasters has announced the release date for the F1 2018 video game. The 2018 edition, will be launched across Playstation, Xbox and Windows PC platform on August 24, 2018, with a host of upgrades and a lot of new cars as well. Codemasters has promised that F1 2018 will be getting the “expanded career mode” as part of a host of upgrades based on player feedback. The F1 2018 video game is a follow up to F1 2017 released last year, and features all the cars, tracks and drivers from the 2018 Formula 1 season. The first ‘F1’ gaming series was introduced by Codemasters in 2009, and has largely been appreciated by fans of the sport.

Speaking about the new game, F1 franchise director at Codemasters, Paul Jeal said, “We were delighted by the reception that the highly-acclaimed F1 2017 game received, and are extremely excited to be able to further build on such a strong starting point with F1 2018. The career mode has been further expanded to immerse players even deeper into the world of F1 than before.”

The expanded career mode holds special importance for fans of the game. The feature previously allowed the virtual avatar you create to have press interactions, bringing it a step closer to the real deal. However, the feature was stopped with the release of F1 2012. That said, the feature does remain a rumour presently, but it would certainly be interesting to see the feature make a comeback.

Other upgrades are said to include more classic cars, while British channel Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft was said to be recording a number of name voice overs for the game, which would make for an even more immersive playing experience.

Five races into the season, the 2018 F1 championship has turned into an exciting one with Ferrari taking the initial lead, while Mercedes is now playing catch up with some fabulous driving. Lewis Hamilton currently leads the championship, while Sebastian Vettel is trailing behind by 17 points.


For fans of the sport, F1 2018 video game should bring that Formula 1 racing dream a bit closer, at the convenience of your couch.

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