You must have seen police solving several murder cases. But have you seen cops cracking the murder case of a hen? Such a case has come up in Morena in Madhya Pradesh. A man allegedly killed a hen for entering inside his house in the village.

The hen, owned by a woman living in the neighbourhood of the man, was repeatedly entering his house. Angered by this, he started beating it up with a stick. The hen was beaten to death by the man.

When the woman confronted the accused on this, she was abused by the family members and even subjected to derogatory remarks over her caste. She then approached the police and requested the cops to safeguard the life of herself and her daughter.

Confirming the incident, Civil Lines police station in-charge Atul Singh said that the woman, Sunita Valmiki, approached the police seeking protection. He added that a case has been registered under section 429, which calls for penal proceedings if any animal worth more than Rs 50 is killed.